Yiwu city refrigeration industry association 

On August 15, yiwu refrigeration industry association was established, more than 100 refrigeration industry production and processing enterprises, dealers participating the celebration.

Refrigeration industry enter into the yiwu in the late 1980 s , after 20 years of development, produced the oversize production and sale enterprise — Huatong Group,and a series of well-known firms such as Qianweixing,Hualunxian, Xiaofeng and Yuebingyuejia, and has more than 130 enterprises exclusively or partly engaged in refrigeration products.Especially in December 2011, Yiwu agricultural trade market R.f area start business , yiwu has its refrigeration professional market from now on.At present, the market enterprises has reached 55, the operators accounts for two-thirds, laid the foundation for the construction of zhejiang refrigeration market.